Wednesday, November 13, 2013

My Art Journaling Phobia

I'm not sure that is the official term (Art Journaling Phobia) but that is what I am calling it!!  :)  Let me start from the beginning.... when we first decided to open the Frosted Designs Store, I knew that I wanted to provide all of you with a Mixed Media Paper Kit. I didn't want a kit that had random mixed media items added to it that I wouldn't have a clue how to use. I wanted a kit that combined my love of paper crafting with the new Mixed Media trends. I admire all of the mixed media items that everyone is using on their cards and layouts and art journals but I didn't have a clue how to add them to my projects. So, the goal of the Mixed Media Paper kits is to not only inspire, but to educate as well!

Now, that leads me to the project I am sharing with you today. I have been following along with Sandee when she does her Sunday with Sandee Series. (If you have missed these, you are missing out! Click HERE to get caught up!) I casually mentioned to her how terrified I was of Art Journaling. I mean, I LOVE to look at art journaling but there is NO WAY I could ever do that! Sandee has sweetly nudged me to give it a try and after her tutorial on wax paper last Sunday, I knew I was going to have to try it! (After all, she does make it look so easy!) So, the journey for me begins!

When I told Sandee that I actually opened the journal for the first time (yes, I was that scared to start!) she asked me if it bit me. (Gotta love a girl with a sense of humor!) And good news, I had my journal open and was unharmed! I thought to myself... I can do this! And I did!!! Slowly I started to build my page and here is what I created....

I have to say.... not only was the process not miserable, but I actually had a lot of fun with it once I got started!! I might even to so far as to say, I enjoyed it and I will probably do another page (or two!)  Like all new things, I learned a lot. There are things I am really happy with and then there are things I am not so thrilled with. But the good news is, I am looking at this as a learning process, so reflecting on what worked and what didn't is part of that process!

One of the things I did that I really liked was the way I used Gesso to tone down the inks toward the center of the flower. I literally stuck my finger in the Gesso and lightly smeared it around the center of the flower and part way up between the petals. I also like the way my doodling on the flower turned out.

Another thing I was really pleased with was the overall background. I love the way some of the ink smeared together and in other places, the spots are more distinct. I also combined a Spray ink that had some shimmer to it with the Dylusions Spray Inks that have bold colors but no shimmer. To create the dots, I brushed some bubble wrap with gesso and stamped them on the background.

One of the things I wasn't happy about was the butterfly. I drew a butterfly on the page but didn't like it so I went through the October Mixed Media Paper Kit to find one of the Maya Road Die Cut Butterflies. I liked this one better so I traced over the other butterfly (yep... totally cheated!) Since I needed to cover up the old butterfly, I decided to paint the butterfly with the DecoArts Paint that was in the kit as well. Once it was dry I added some black outlines and a few pink dots to the wings. I don't love it but for now, it is staying put.

When Debbie shared her project for the October Mixed Media Kit, she pointed out how she used paint to highlight some of the words on the paper. I loved this idea and used it for my flower. (By the way, the paper is from BoBunny and was in the same kit.)

After I got the background done and added the flower to the top, I sent Sandee a photo and said "now what?!" She sweetly told me to find a quote that spoke to me to add to my page. And since I was terrified to start this art journal journey, this quote really summed it up for me! I actually conquered two fears today... I also used my own handwriting to do the journaling. I usually don't like to do that but I decided to give it a go! And the good news is, (in my opinion) it's not horrible!  :)

Now that I have shared my page with you, we would love it if you would share your pages with us! We have had a few of you share them on our FB page and we are loving it! Keep them coming! Click HERE to find our FB page. 

I used items from the October Mixed Media Paper Kit. I also used the Gesso from the Mixed Media Starter kit. (If you are just getting started with Mixed Media, this is the kit for you!)

We still have a few of the October Mixed Media Paper kits in the store. And, in TWO days we will be releasing the November Mixed Media Paper Kit. And a reminder.... if you purchase a 3 month or 6 month subscription to the Mixed Media Paper Kit, we will send you a free Ranger Dylusions Creative Journal (which has a $24.99 retail price). You can start your subscription with the October Mixed Media Paper Kit or the November Mixed Media Paper Kit. Just keep in mind that this offer expires on Nov. 30th.

Would you like another sneak peek of the November Mixed Media Paper Kit?! Well here you go....


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