Monday, December 28, 2009

New Year

Okay... we are starting a new year soon. So, that means it is time for me to start making goals for this year. We are looking at a year full of changes in our household, the most major of which is relocating to a new city. After this school year ends, we will be moving from Indiana to the Dallas, Texas area. We are certainly looking forward to the move, but I have put all kinds of pressure on myself to make sure I document all of the "lasts" here in Indiana... for example, I need to make sure I get pictures of all of my kids playing in the snow, we need to visit all of our favorite traditional places during the holidays, and spending as much time with extended family as we can. And after we check all of those boxes, I need to do scrapbook pages for each of the kids albums as well as the family album... it is going to be a busy year. So... here are my goals for the year:

1. Clean out and get rid of all of the items that do not need to make the move with us.
2. Make the transition to the new home as easy on the kids as I can.
3. Post at least one scrapbook layout a week.

Really, I think these goals are achievable! Who needs sleep anyway?! I hope you and your families have a healthy and prosperous New Year!



Judy said...

Barb! May you and your family have a blessed and happy 2010.

Brenda said...

Barb has some good moving tips that might make it really easy....I love her site! I live right next door in Ohio not sure if you have heard of Defiance.

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