Monday, March 22, 2010

So excited... more blog love!!

I just love these blog awards!! They make me feel so special! And my latest one is the Sweet Blogger Award which was given to me by Sandy at Details by Sandy....who I personally think is one of the sweetest  bloggers out there!! Thank you Sandy!! I am truly touched that you thought of me!! Now to pass on the award... I'm not quite sure what the rules of this one are because it was posted with other awards on Sandy's blog... therefore, I am going to make up my own... I am going to pass this on to 5 people and say something sweet about each one of them!! Hee hee!! I really like being able to make up the rules!! lol!!
So... I am passing this on to...
Fern... who has amazing talent and an eye for detail! Your pages are always so beautiful! So inspirational!
Robin ... has a birthday coming up... check out her blog candy!! She is so kind with the comments she leaves!
Crystal...has the cutest little girl... and is always sharing beautiful, girly LOs for me to steal ideas from!
Beatriz...this GF can crank out more pages in a day... but yet they are all amazing and beautiful and full of details!
Kim... leaves the sweetest, kindest comments.... such a sweet heart!

So there you have it.... my rules for the Sweetest Blogger Award!! Thank you Sandy... and thank you to all my bloggy friends who make me want to run to my computer constantly to see what nice things you have said ...and you all inspire me constantly through your posts and projects!! All of you are so amazing!!  Barb :)


RobinJ said...

Oh Barb, Thanks so much for this award--it is beyond cute, and you're right, it makes me feel so special!!! I'm at work right now, so I'll grab it when I get home tonight!
Hugs, RobinJ

Fern said...

Oh Barb, you are tooo funny! Making up your own rules as you go... I like your style gf..... And thank you soooo much for passing this "Sweet Blogger" Award on to me.. I feel so blessed to have so many wonderful blogger friends and you are way up at the top of the list!! Always a kind word for everyone!!! I will pick this up and post it after I get off of work!!! Thanks again!!! XXXX

Crystal said...

I like being the rule maker and you rocked it out. I love seeing what you come up with and am honored that you like my stuff too! I need some more mojo lately though!

Unknown said...

Barb, I am so very honored that you thought of me for this award! Right back at you, sister! I love that we are blogging friends and fabby sisters! You always inspire me and I love to see your smile!
Kim xXx

Sandy said...

I love love love that you made up some rules to go along with this and I love the rules you made....always nice to hear some great stuff about our sister bloggers....thanx so much for you sweet words...and for being your sweet self!

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