Friday, March 5, 2010

Technique Challenge - Frosted Designs

Well, it's Friday! And that means another challenge at Frosted Designs! This week the challenge was to share a technique. I love this!! I chose to do masking and Glimmer Mist because it seems to be my new thing to play with. I have used it on several LOs lately and love it!! It can give you the distressed, grunge look or the bright and cheery look I used today!! For this LO, I decided to keep the masking design simple so that it would be easy to explain on here!

So... begin by using a mask you have bought (usually plastic) or cut one out with your cricut machine like I did. Personally I like to cut my own because 1. it's cheaper and 2. I can control the shape better. I originally cut my shape so that it would fit on the 12 x 12 paper that I would spray with Glimmer Mist all the way around. However, after spraying it with glimmer mist, I changed my mind (go figure!) and decided I only wanted to color one side of the paper! So, instead of recutting a new piece, I decided to cut and piece together the orginal mask to the new shape I liked! It worked great... it just looks a little silly in the pictures!!  LOL!! So, lay the shape over the part of the paper you want to remain white (or not misted). Be sure to use something to protect your surface such as wax paper or a work mat because the Glimmer Mist will stain!! Once you have your mask where you want it, spray on the glimmer mist. The more you spray, the better the coverage and darker the shade. But be careful, if you spray too much at one time, you start to get big dark dots. If you like that its fine, if not, spray one layer, let dry and then spray again! When you have the color you want, remove your mask. I know some people like to use repositionable tape to hold the mask in place, for one this simple, it is just as easy for me to push down on the mask while spraying... And as a bonus, I get bright colorful fingers!!  heehee!!
Once the mist was dry, I was able to start adding all of the embellishments and pictures that I wanted. I used a glaze pen to draw the purple lines along the border of the pink and white. I thought the white was a little too white so I added a couple spritzes of glimmer mist to the white background... much better!! (I have a really hard time with too much white space... I really need to work on this!!) And when I found the lace I wanted, but it was in the wrong color, I Glimmer Misted that to match the rest of the LO!! I love this stuff!!

The flowers were a new creation for me!! I started out with coffee filters... (talk to any teacher and you will know that you can do just about any kind of art project with a coffee filter!!  I started by cutting the filters into different size circles. I did not want perfectly round circles so I just free handed it. After they were all cut out, I layed them out on wax paper and sprayed them with 3 different colors. I didn't mix colors this time... but I am thinking it would be cool to try next time!! After the circles were dry, I put a drop of glue in the center of two different sized circles, sat the smaller circle on top and pinched from the bottom for just a bit!! Gave it a few more minutes to dry and topped it with a button!! That's it!! Super simple but I really love the way they turned out... I can see all kinds of possibilities with these and they are sooooo cheap to make!! I will certainly be playing around with this more! I also love how sparklely they are. The smaller pictures show the shine a little better!!
A few pointer when working with Glimmer Mist...
1. Use thicker cardstock. I used a thin sheet of cardstock and when I sprayed it, the paper began to "bubble" a bit.... that is why I ended up mounting this LO on a solid sheet of cardstock that was a little more sturdy.
2. Shake the Glimmer Mist really well before EVERY use!
3. Keep the lid on while shaking it.... I didn't and little drops of Glimmer Mist went flying...right onto my light shirt I was wearing!! I hate it when that happens!

Supplies used on this LO
Cricut: Gypsy Wanderings for the title, Accent Essentials for the mask
Papers: DCWV
Stickles: Lavender
Glimmer Mist: Key Lime Pie, Bubble Gum, Fully Purple
Beads: my 7 year olds supply!!  :)  Don't tell her!!

Thank you for stopping by and looking! And thank you to all my dear, sweet blog friends who show me so much blog love... your comments always brighten my day!!


Kaye's Crafty Place said...

Beautiful layout Barb. The tutorials are great, just loving those flowers may just have to give them a try.

Kaye x

Beatriz Farquhar-Guzman said...

Good morning Crafty Girl! Your title sure fits you today!!!! I absolutely love all the details and those flowers are yummy! Can't wait to make some. Beautiful page!!!! Happy Friday!

Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Look at you with the tutorial photos... thanks as I learned alot! I am going to have to order glimmer mist so I can try this. I have searched all over and can't find in our area! Love your layout and the soft look it has.

Crystal said...

Beautiful job and so glad you explained the flowers. Super fun!

OH and CONGRATS on the blog candy win! So jealous but YAY for you!!!!

Monique said...

Thanks so much for the tutorial on both the items. I surely will try them both. Super LO!

Debbie said...

Quite "crafty" Barb! Love all the bright spring colors! Enjoyed reading the tutorial on masking. I will admit that I have not tried many techniques. Love how yours turned out! I always look forward to seeing your beautiful layouts.

Fern said...

Beautiful layout, Barb!! I looooove glimmer mist and I have shaken it many times without the lid.. You would think I would learn... :o( Great photos of the family!!!
Hopefully you can pick up Ben and Hershey at the post office tomorrow!! :o)

Sandi Clarkson said...

Well, you are the crafty girl today for sure! Love this layout and those c/f flowers are fab. I've been meaning to make some like Starsailorscrapper but haven't done them YET! Great technique your craft girl1

Fern said...

WooooHoooo so glad you received 'em just in time for weekend shopping!!!! Just go have some fun!!!! XXX

Pat said...

Love your lo!! I really like those flowers & can't wait to try it. TFS

Sandy said...

Oh Barb...thanx so much for sharing all your fun techniques with us...this is such a lovely layout...what a beautiful family! I really love the masking...and the coffee filter flowers...yummy...been meaning to try some done good!

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